Ghost Hunting At The Extremely Haunted Lincoln Gaol, With Simply Ghost Nights. - 22nd October

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Lincoln Gaol, has been unused for over 130 years and this Georgian penitentiary once followed a severe system of isolation and separation which drove many unfortunate criminals to insanity. Come join Simply Ghost Nights as we explore the only existing prison chapel of its kind which forced the hooded convicts into separate wooden pews where the convict could see nothing apart from the coffin (placed to remind them how close to death they are) on the way in and the preacher throughout his long session in a pew repenting his sins.

In 1878 the system was discredited and the inmates were transferred to the new jail in the eastern outskirts of Lincoln, however what was left behind is now said to house ghostly apparitions, eerie voices and dramatic cold spots.

From the sounds of footsteps, slamming doors and disembodied voices to a figure shaped mist and woman in Victorian dress- do the souls of the once incarcerated and condemned remain captive and will they choose to make contact?

The Gaol was built in 1787 and extended in 1847. It has been used as a film location for many TV programmes including Ghost hunting with the Happy Mondays. At the age of 54 William Marwood persuaded the governor of Lincoln Castle Gaol to allow him to conduct an execution. William Frederick Horry was the first person to hang using the "long drop" technique of hanging on 1 April 1872

The sounds of footsteps, slamming doors and disembodied voices have been heard; a woman in Victorian dress and a figure shaped mist have been seen. Slamming doors have been heard as well as bright lights from darkened cells. Feelings of being touched and actual apparitions are all previous reports from this eerie old prison.

Strange unexplained lights have also been reported on a previous visit to Lincoln Gaol, a group of ghost hunters stood in disbelief as an empty cell lit up as though a torch was on in the room, on further inspection of the cell it was found that there was anyway possible for light to come from the cell, what caused this strange eerie light?

Why not join the Simply Ghost Nights team as we attempt to contact the former inmates to try and learn their fate.

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Ghost Hunting At The Extremely Haunted Lincoln Gaol, With Simply Ghost Nights. - 22nd October

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This article was published on 2011/10/01